A R I S E is a community of young adults seeking to live out their Catholic faith through prayer, formation, and evangelization. Inspired by Jesus' words in Mark's Gospel, "'Talitha koum,' which means, 'Little girl, I say to you, arise!'" we are striving to arise from the culture of sin and death that has plagued our generation. Instead, we stand for truth and love in the hope of uniting our lives to Christ to one day rise with him. 

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Theology on tap series

Tuesday, August 6th at 6:30 PM
Location: Hector & Lupe’s House
Topic: The Last Four Things

Catholic Speed dating

Friday, September 13th at 7:30 PM
St. Raphael

We’re kicking off our Beloved series tonight with Catholic Speed Dating! Have fun with your friends or make some new ones. You just might meet the answer to all your novenas tonight!

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Mass with matt maher

Thursday, September 19th at 8:15 AM

As part of a 2-day event, the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso is bringing Matt Maher to El Paso for events including a VIP event, Mass, and Dinner & Concert.

Join other young adults for Mass with Bishop Mark & Music by Matt Maher on Thursday, September 19 at St. Raphael Parish at 8:15am.

Beloved series

In this series, we’ll cover what it means to be a man and a woman, why we’re made for relationships, what is love, the beauty of the Church’s teachings on sex (before & during marriage), and much more. This series is for everyone, whether you’re single, dating, engaged, or married.

Series Kick-Off: Catholic Speed Dating
Friday, September 13th
7:30 PM

  1. “Male & Female He Created Them”

    Tuesday, September 24th
    7 PM
    Immaculate Conception Church Basement (118 N. Campbell St.)

    Father Kevin O'Neill, FSSP

    To help understand our purpose and what it means to be human, we need to go back to the beginning. In this session, we’ll be covering why God created us male and female, what that truth reveals about who we are, and why understanding the differences between the two points us to who we are. 

  2. “Worth the Wait?”

    Tuesday, October 1st
    7 PM
    St. Raphael Rectory

    Melissa Cervantes
    Discussion Leaders: Melissa Santos & Paul Sandoval

    We get it. There are some Church teachings that are really difficult to accept. The Church’s teaching on premarital sex is one of those. The world tells us waiting doesn’t matter, living together before you’re married helps you figure out if you’re supposed to marry your boyfriend/girlfriend, and sex is a completely normal and natural part of any relationship. In this session, we’ll talk about all these things and more. 

  3. “This Is My Body Given For You: Marriage as a Sacrament and the Language of Sexual Love”

    Tuesday, October 15th
    7 PM
    St. Raphael Rectory

    Rebekah & Joshua O’Halloran

    Marriage is so much more than just a piece of paper. In fact, it’s been instituted as one of the seven Sacraments. In this session, Rebecca and Josh will discuss marriage as a Sacrament, living chastity within marriage, and how ultimately, marriage points to our ultimate union with God.

  4. “Let’s Talk about IT”

    Tuesday, November 5th
    7 PM

    Men’s Discussion:
    Jacob Alvarado & Paul Sandoval
    Women’s Discussion:
    Melissa Cervantes & Melissa Santos

    In this session, we’re breaking up. Into two groups. Men will be having a discussion on lust and all that entails…pornography, masturbation, sex, and more. Women will be having a discussion on our dignity and worth and the particular struggles of women. 

    Sacrament of Confession
    Tuesday, November 12th
    7 - 8 PM
    St. Raphael

  5. “Same-Sex Attraction”

    Tuesday, November 19th
    7 PM
    St. Raphael Rectory

    Speaker: TBA

    We’ll be honest. This one’s tough. We’re told to be accepting of those who identify as gay, transgender, gender fluid. This list can go on. However, how do we live our Catholic faith when it comes to this issue, whether we struggle with same-sex attraction, know someone who does, or encounter commonly accepted values in advertisements, the workplace, or politics? 

  6. “Are You in Control?”

    Tuesday, December 3rd
    7 PM
    St. Raphael Rectory

    Speakers: Jacob Alvarado, Melissa Santos, & Michael Schmidt

    Birth control, in-vitro, sterilization. Who’s in control, really? We’ll discuss these topics and more from both a scientific and and religious standpoint. 

  7. “The Summit: A Q & A on Everything You’ve Been Wanting to Ask” + Christmas Party

    Tuesday, December 17th
    7 PM

    In our closing session, we’re holding a panel with a priest and married couples. You’ll be able to ask them anything you’ve been wondering, get their feedback on some of those tough topics, and hear their thoughts on living the Church’s teaching on sex in today’s world. 


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