Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 3 - 11: 6:00-6:30 PM Inside the Church (Sundays after the 5:30 PM Mass)

December 6: 6:00 PM Pilgrimage to St. Mark (at Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine) We will pray the novena at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 10: 7:00 PM Dr. Zepeda Presentation on Our Lady of Guadalupe - Apostolate of Guadalupe (Rm. 5)

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

December 7: 6:00 PM - English Anticipated Mass

December 8: 6:30 AM, 8:15 AM Mass (Bilingual Mass)

Anointing of the Sick Mass

December 8: 10:00 AM (Special Mass) Those who are sick, suffering from some physical or mental illness and the elderly are invited to receive anointing.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12:
6:30 AM Mass, 7:00 AM Mañanitas, 8:15 AM Mass, 6:00 PM Matachines, 7:00 PM Mass (Bilingual), Our Lady of Guadalupe Procession Follows after the Mass to Celebration in Hall – Mariachis, Food, Women’s ACTS Choir

St. Raphael Posada

December 13:
6:00 PM-9:00 PM–Religious Formation and Youth Ministry. Please join us.

Advent activities

December 14: 6:00 PM-9:00PM – Advent Dinner and movie by Youth Ministry

December 17&18: 6:00 PM – Advent talk by Fr. Alfonzo Bonilla (Spanish)

No Confessions or St. Jude Novena on the 18th

Confession: The light is ON for you!

December 19:
6:00 PM-9:00PM Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Christmas Eve Mass Schedule

December 24:
5PM - School children will present Christmas play after the Mass
7PM - Religious Formation students will present Christmas play after the Mass
12AM - Midnight Mass

Christmas Day Masses

December 25:
10:30AM (Spanish)
1:30PM (Spanish)

Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Mother of God

December 31

6:00PM Anticipated Mass

January 1, 2019

7:30 AM (English), 10:30 AM (Spanish) and 12:00 PM (English)